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Feeling rebellious? Tempted by the devil himself? Introducing Cornish Moonshine, the best kept secret from The Cornish Moonshine Company made in the deepest, darkest corners of Cornwall. From our 50% Devil Water to the irresistible Apple Pie & Sticky Toffee brews, we’re confident Cornish Moonshine will have you back breaking the rules for another bottle! Meet us out the back, it’s best served in the shadows.

Shhhh… Keep it a Secret!

Reviews from the Rebels


After recently visiting Newquay for a week we bought this as a birthday present for my son. Apparently it was delicious . Very quick delivery and safely packaged

MichelleMoonshine Sticky Toffee Liqueur

Delicious product and excellent very friendly and personal service

TinaThis Apple pie moonshine is delicious... so smooth and Moorish

The service was second to none, the reply to my email and delivery I couldn’t fault. I will definitely be using this company again.

Sarah JenningsBold Choice for Celebrations

I bought Devil Water as a birthday present for my husband, and it turned out to be an excellent choice. He loves the bold taste, and we've been experimenting with different cocktails ever since. The purchasing process was smooth, and communication from the company was fantastic throughout.

James O'ConnorStellar Service, Strong Spirit

I ordered Devil Water on a whim for a weekend gathering, and it was a hit! The delivery was prompt, and the moonshine itself is smooth yet powerful. It’s become a favourite among my friends for its robust flavour and versatile mixing potential.

Emily ThornePerfect Gift for the Holidays

I bought the Apple Pie flavour as a Christmas gift for my sister, and she absolutely loved it! The festive, warm notes of apple and cinnamon made it a delightful treat for the holiday season. Plus, the customer service was top-notch, making my shopping experience seamless.

Martin PhilipsSummer Favourite

I picked up a bottle of Sticky Toffee for our summer barbecue, and it was the perfect addition. The rich toffee flavour was excellent for creating unique (and strong) cocktails!

Cornish Moonshine Cocktails

As outlaws we’ll let you into a little secret, but you have to promise not to tell anyone… Cornish Moonshine tastes amazing as a cocktail mixer! We’re not telling you to try it that would get us into more trouble, but using our smooth unaged white whisky to create delicious drinks such as Cornish Moonshine Mojitos would be a great addition to your bar, restaurant, event or even a cheeky cocktail at home. Plus for that extra kick, we’ve just launched our high proof 50% vol Cornish Moonshine aptly named ‘Devil Water’.

Don’t forget… you didn’t hear this from us Shhhhh

We dare you to try it